Transnational Voices in Academia

Narratives of Identity and Positionality through Research and Teaching


  • Nasiba Norova University of Massachusetts Boston
  • Juan David Gutiérrez University of Massachusetts Boston



transnational doctoral students of color; duoethnography; positionality; reflexivity; counterstories; intersectionality.


In this paper, two transnational doctoral students and language educators of color engage in a reflexive dialogic conversation focusing on intersectional aspects of their identities and positionalities. Utilizing duoethnography research methodology, they explored their academic and professional journeys in post-secondary education both in their home countries and in an Anglophone context. A discussion on the negotiation of their positionalities in their immediate academic, professional, and sociocultural contexts is provided. We argue that unveiling one’s positionality requires a prolonged reflexive engagement that assists in establishing quality in qualitative research as well as exploring fluidity in positionality. We close with implications and invitations to use duoethnography as a path to self-exploration, solidarity, and allyship. 

Author Biography

Juan David Gutiérrez, University of Massachusetts Boston

Juan David Gutiérrez, PhD

Associate Lecturer

University of Massachusetts Boston 

Research interests: multilingualism and identity formation, educational policy and planning for immigrant students, curriculum design and assessment of dual language education. 




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Norova, N., & Gutiérrez, J. D. . (2024). Transnational Voices in Academia: Narratives of Identity and Positionality through Research and Teaching. Journal of International Students, 14(3), 109–130.