Doctoral Sojourn Experiences of Adapted Physical Education Students from Asian Countries


  • Takahiro Sato Kent State University, United States



Asian International Students, Doctoral Education, Academic and Social Experiences, Sojourn, Educational Research


The purpose of this study was to describe and explain Asian international doctoral students’ sojourn experiences into Adapted Physical Education (APE) programs at two universities. The participants were six doctoral students from Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea. This case study was conceptualized within sojourner theory (Siu, 1952). The data sources were a demographic questionnaire and face-to-face interviews conducted during the participants’ doctoral studies. The emergent themes were (a) research challenges; (b) academic, social, and hierarchical relationships with doctoral advisors; (c) burnout; and (d) situation-specific anxiety. To better support international doctoral students, this study encourages academic departments, administrators, faculty, and all doctoral students to learn to view themselves as playing various roles including academic advisors, teachers, and graduate students.

Author Biography

Takahiro Sato, Kent State University, United States

TAKAHIRO SATO, Ph.D., is an Associate Professor in School of Teaching, Learning, & Curriculum Studies at Kent State University, Kent, OH. His scholarship and research focuses on multicultural physical education, inclusion in sport, and diversity in higher education.




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Sato, T. (2016). Doctoral Sojourn Experiences of Adapted Physical Education Students from Asian Countries. Journal of International Students, 6(2), 339–366.



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