Knowledge, Use, and Perceived Value of University Student Services

International and Domestic Student Perceptions


  • Cody J. Perry University of Wyoming, USA
  • David Lausch University of Wyoming, USA
  • Courtney A McKim University of Wyoming, USA
  • Jennifer Weatherford University of Wyoming, USA



domestic students, international students, student services, university finances


Universities throughout the United States struggle with fiscal issues that can be improved by greater retention and graduation rates. One step often taken is to cut student service spending, which hurts students’ ability to finish a degree. While some have advocated for greater spending in student services, we contend that current services may suffice. Since many students do not understand the services available, many do not take advantage of university offerings. This study looks at differences in perceptions between international and domestic students concerning awareness, use, and value of services available at a western U.S. land-grant university. We found many students, both international and domestic, are not aware of available programs, which correlates to less use and perceived value of these services and programs.

Author Biographies

Cody J. Perry, University of Wyoming, USA

CODY J. PERRY, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M International University (TAMIU). Dr. Perry’s research interests include international students’ experiences in the United States and pre-service teachers’ cultural competence. He currently teaches math principles and assessment at TAMIU. He was recently awarded a LEAP Texas Fellowship to explore math instruction in Laredo, TX

David Lausch, University of Wyoming, USA

DAVID LAUSCH, PhD, is a recent graduate of the University of Wyoming. Dr. Lausch’s research interests include the academic retention, graduation, support, acculturation, and experiences of international students in K–12 and higher education. David has taught instructional technology, introduction to research, and multicultural international education for undergraduate and master’s students at the University of Wyoming.

Courtney A McKim, University of Wyoming, USA

COURTNEY A. MCKIM, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the Department of Professional Studies at the University of Wyoming. Dr. McKim teaches educational research courses, including group comparison, correlational research, and mixed methods. Her research interests include approaches to qualitative and mixed methods research and student achievement and success. Dr. McKim received the Ellbogen Award for Excellence in Teaching in 2015. Dr. McKim’s fellow faculty members value her frequent guidance and consultation in a wide range of research projects.

Jennifer Weatherford, University of Wyoming, USA

JENNIFER WEATHERFORD, PhD, is a lecturer of educational research at the University of Wyoming. Jennifer’s research includes multivariate classification analysis, counselor education, and issues of social justice. Jennifer has taught statistics, introduction to research, and educational research I, II, and III at the University of Wyoming. She was also the recipient of the Ellbogen Award for Excellence in Teaching.


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