Beyond Culture: Helping International Students Avoid Plagiarism


  • Soni Adhikari Stony Brook University, United States



academic backgrounds, cultural changes, international students, plagiarism


With the rapid increase in the number of international students from different academic backgrounds around the world, college and university teachers in the West find it harder to understand the many and complex reasons when these students plagiarize or use sources ineffectively. Reviewing relevant literature, I first make a pedagogical analysis of student plagiarism then show why teachers should shift focus from traditional views about cultural difference toward a multidimensional understanding of plagiarism. I conclude by recommending pedagogical strategies to help students to adjust to the new academic system rather than “policing” their activities and undermining their confidence.

Author Biography

Soni Adhikari, Stony Brook University, United States

SONI ADHIKARI is a lecturer of writing and rhetoric at Stony Brook University. A former instructor of English language and literature from Nepal, Adhikari focuses on global and transnational issues in her teaching and studies of college-level writing. 




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Adhikari, S. (2018). Beyond Culture: Helping International Students Avoid Plagiarism. Journal of International Students, 8(1), 375–388.



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