Special Issue: Generative AI and International Education


Call for Submissions: Special Issue in Generative AI and International Education 

Jasper Roe, James Cook University Singapore 
Mike Perkins, British University Vietnam    

The Journal of International Students (JIS), a premier quarterly peer-reviewed publication, invites submissions for its upcoming issues. As an independent, multilingual journal published in the United States, JIS serves as a vibrant platform for scholarly discourse in international and global education. With a focus on enriching the global education narrative, we are committed to publishing cutting-edge research that advances understanding in this dynamic field. 

Scope and Focus:

As a Scopus Q1 journal, the Journal of International Studies (JIS) is excited to announce a call for papers for a special issue focused on the intersection of Generative AI (GenAI) and international education. We invite original research that explores how GenAI technologies are transforming the landscape of international education at secondary and tertiary levels. This includes, but is not limited to, the application of AI in pedagogical methods, curriculum development, student engagement, assessment, and the administration of educational institutions catering to a diverse range of student populations. These populations may encompass displaced, migrant, and other immigrant students, including refugees, DACA holders, temporary protected status individuals, and undocumented minorities. 

Additionally, we are interested in research that sheds light on the role of GenAI in enhancing the experiences and outcomes of international faculty, teaching assistants, and postdoctoral researchers. We encourage submissions that critically examine the ethical, social, and technological implications of integrating AI in global education settings, including transnational educational environments or comparative analysis.   This special issue aims to highlight innovative studies that demonstrate the multifaceted nature of GenAI in international education, offering insights into its challenges and opportunities.

We welcome empirical essays (quantitative, qualitative, or mixed-methods) and systematic literature reviews which contribute to a deeper understanding of how GenAI is reshaping the dynamics of international education and its stakeholders. By bringing together a collection of scholarly works on this timely topic, JIS aims to foster a rich dialogue among researchers, educators, and policymakers on the future of international education in the GenAI era. 

Prioritization of Submissions: 

Our priority lies in manuscripts that: 

  • Offer significant insights into advancements in the field of Generative AI and International Education. 
  • Focus on regions, countries, contexts, or populations with limited existing research. 
  • Explore the perspectives of international students, faculty, educators, and their experience with different modes of Generative AI.  
  • Feature multi-authored works that transcend social boundaries and borders. 
  • Utilize under-explored theories, methodologies, and frameworks. 
  • Consider the multi-modal capabilities of AI foundation models (FMs) such as GPT-4. 

Language for Submissions: 

This special issue will accept manuscripts written in English. 

Submission Guidelines: 

Authors are encouraged to carefully review the submission guidelines, APCs, and other requirements available on the JIS website. Manuscripts should adhere to the specified formatting and referencing styles and must be accompanied by a declaration of originality and the absence of simultaneous submissions to other publications. 

For this issue it is expected that authors provide a clear statement explaining how any GenAI tools have been used in both any underlying research, as well as in the production of the submitted manuscript.  Note that articles will be published individually on a rolling basis online once they have undergone peer review and been accepted. Final compilation of the special issue will take place in Mid-2025.  

Opening of Submission Period: February 1, 2024  
Ongoing submission and review process February 1, 2024 – August 1, 2024
First possible publication of individual papers - Mid-2024  
Final Compilation of Special Issue – December 1, 2024  

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