Academic Writing for International Students of Business


  • Keri Dutkiewicz Davenport University



The recently released 2nd edition of Stephen Bailey’s Academic Writing for International Students of Business (2015) overviews general concepts about academic writing in English for non-native speakers studying business. Bailey’s text can be utilized both as a classroom text and as a self-study guide, supported by a corresponding answer key at the end of the text. The 2nd edition differs from the first in that it offers a new section on writing a literature review (replacing the composing a CV section in the previous edition) and a more in-depth explanation on the correct use of definite articles in English. Like the first edition, the 2nd edition is available as a softbound book as well as an electronic text in an easy to utilize, downloadable format

Author Biography

Keri Dutkiewicz, Davenport University

KERI DUTKIEWICZ currently serves as the Director of Faculty Learning at Davenport University. She has a MA in Comparative Literature and a Ph.D. in English from Michigan State University. Her research interests include online education, innovative engagement strategies for study abroad programs for undergraduate students and working professionals, and equineassisted learning. She has led study abroad programs to India, China, and Mongolia. Dr. Dutkiewicz is a certified Cultural Intelligence (CQ) facilitator and E3A Coach with a passion for developing inclusive cultures within educational institutions.




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Dutkiewicz, K. (2016). Academic Writing for International Students of Business. Journal of International Students, 6(1), 319–321.



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