Register as a reviewer for the journal and add reviewing interests that include keywords from our Aims & Scope

To add Reviewing Interests, go to View Profile and select the Roles tab. Enter keywords in the Reviewing Interests text box. The more keywords you include in your profile, the better we will be able to match you with appropriate manuscripts. Add at least 5 reviewing interests topics to your profile including:

  • subjects and/or topics areas
  • countries, world regions, and/or populations
  • general preferences for qualitative and/or quantitative
  • specific statistical and/or methodological areas of expertise
  • theoretical perspectives

By adding a few keywords to your profile, you ensure that you will be invited to review manuscripts that best fit your interests. At any point, you may remove yourself from the journal's list of Reviewers by updating your profile or sending an email to

Reviewers who complete two high-quality reviews are eligible for membership on our Peer Review Board and we recognize excellence in peer review with our annual Editor's Choice and Excellence in Peer Review awards.