Digitalization of Higher Education in Vietnam


  • Le Thi Thanh Thu HCMC Open University



Vietnam, higher education, government policies, digitalization, digital transformation


This article presents a review of the current state and the potential of digitalization of Vietnam's higher education and makes recommendations in support of the digitalization process. It is mainly based on public documents. The paper discusses the extent of institutional digital transformation, its challenges, and opportunities in two contexts: (1) before the outbreak of COVID-19 when the process of digitalization of most universities was just beginning and varied in level, and (2) after the outbreak of COVID-19, when digitalization occurred rapidly. The review addresses digitalization in line with the National Digital Transformation Program with a vision for 2030, which has three targets: (1) to develop the platform to support distance learning and teaching and thoroughly apply digital technologies to management, teaching, and learning; (2) the development of digitalized learning materials, and (3) the creation of a data warehouse for sharing teaching and learning resources.


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Author Biography

Le Thi Thanh Thu, HCMC Open University

She obtained her Med, and Ed.D. at La Trobe University, Australia. She has worked as administrator at the Office of Academic Affairs, and Graduate School of HCMC Open University for more than 20 years. Her main research interests are distance and online learning, and English teacher development.


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