A Qualitative Analysis: Mexican University Student Written Advice to Future Students at the Conclusion of a Semester Abroad Experience


  • Renee Drabier Alamo Colleges District




Mexican, foreign students, international students, semester abroad, study abroad


This study is an analysis of student reflective advice written to future semester abroad students based upon their personal experience in a semester study abroad program.  In December 2018, 36 Mexican students wrote individual letters composed during an end-of-term session and were asked to reflect upon their semester abroad experience in San Antonio, Texas.  The students composed letters to provide advice for the next student cohort based on what they had learned and what they wished someone had told them to help make the most of their experience.  The aims of the analysis is to gain insight into the student’s experience, to evaluate how student learning can be used to improve future student experiences, and to provide peer advice for future students in their semester abroad experience.  


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