The Relationship Between the Repeated Social Defeat Stress Experimental Model, Delegitimization, and Neuroresilience in Experiences of Young African-American Males


  • Regina Shepherd Lehman College, USA



Anxiety, Depression, Resilience, Stress


Repeated Social Defeat Stress is a mouse model in which depressive phenotyping is elicited by the application of stressful procedures and stressful events. Delegitimization is the process of egregiously and negatively stereotyping one group with the intention of excluding and harming a particularly targeted group by depriving it of visibility, legitimacy, and resources through dehumanization and marginalization. Based on a survey on delegitimization, the characterization and the experiences of delegitimized groups, it can be said that through the RSDS model we can understand the psychology and the real-life experiences of those in delegitimized groups like young African American males.


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Author Biography

Regina Shepherd , Lehman College, USA

REGINA SHEPHERD is a graduate of the CUNY Lehman College Psychology program with a Bachelor of Arts degree. Her main interests involve the relationship between brain function/morphology and psychological/behavioral processes and phenomena. Interested in learning more about the mechanisms associated with psychological resiliency, she studied at the Center for Molecular Integrative Neuroresilience Lab which culminated in this paper. Email address: