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  • Call for Paper on Post-COVID-19 Education: Resistance, Resilience, and Readjustment


    Post-COVID-19 Education: Resistance, Resilience, and Readjustment


    COVID-19 pandemic has brought many changes in life and lifestyle, disrupting our regular activities. We are now living in a “new normal”. Due to the pandemic, schools worldwide were closed for physical presence in spring 2020 while switching to remote teaching and learning. Many teachers, students, and parents were not prepared for emergency remote education but were forced to accept it. There were pedagogical, technological, and organizational challenges for teachers and schools, particularly minoritized and underserved groups. Students in K-20 schools around the world faced challenges in attending remote classes and, in some instances, improved technological skills. Oftentimes, access to online resources was required to complete classwork and homework and with it, issues of equity were brought to the forefront. The home environment became equally challenging for both students and schools. While positive instances of adjustment may have occurred, the emotional well-being of all stakeholders were impacted. Within the home, the roles of guardians shifted to take more accountability in the progress of their children. 

    Simultaneously, the demand for teacher training in online teaching and learning strategies, coupled with limited access to online resources to teach their classes, and some teachers did not have technical devices powerful enough to carry out online learning consistently, and successfully. 

    The adjustments for teachers and school officials were just as chaotic as it was for students and families with sudden online learning.  Classroom and school management were different virtually. As schools transition into reopening for in-person instruction, there are foreseeable challenges for the teachers, students, parents, and school officials to go back to the pre-COVID 19 situations.

    Submission Topics:

    • Educational access
    • Equity Issues
    • Social-emotional challenges in returning to school
    • Family access to educational support
    • Teacher training, preparation, professional development
    • Instructional adjustments to online learning/in-person learning
    • Trauma, secondary trauma
    • Post-secondary online pivot for student-teachers
    • Readjustment in teaching and learning environment
    • Student engagement
    • Navigating the learning and community environment during school closures for school administrators/school leaders
    • Marginalized students (e.g., foster youth, English learners, special needs)
    • Accountability (e.g., student achievement, funding, access to resources, attendance) 
    • Resistance in mandated policies at various levels: school, district, county, state
    • Developing resilience in students

    Call for Papers

    Journal of Underrepresented & Minority Progress (JUMP) is bringing out a special issue on “Post-COVID-19 Education: Resistance, Resilience, and Readjustment.” The JUMP invites scholarly articles about how teachers, students, parents, and school officials deal with the post-COVID education system. Scholars worldwide are invited to submit their papers to contribute to the special issue by October 25th, 2021.

    For submission, please visit Make a Submission and then select Post-COVID Special Issue.    


    • No less than 3500 words.
    • Times New Roman font with 12-point letter size.
    • APA 7th style and format.
    • Double spaced.  

    For any questions, please email the special issue editors: Dr. L. Erika Saito at and Dr. Laura Metcalfe at

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