About the Journal

The American Journal of Medicine and Health Studies publishes original research that significantly contributes to the prevention of severe, long-lasting diseases and the advancement of individual and community health. It covers areas such as prevention and infectious diseases, addiction medicine, behavioral health, community health, COVID-19, critical care medicine, environmental health, family medicine, mental health, public health, respiratory medicine, and more. It aims to bridge the gap between research findings and the application of those findings in clinical and public health practices, fostering the improvement of health outcomes on a global scale.

Submission Requirements:

  • Word Limit: Articles should be up to 2,000 words in length 
  • References: A maximum of 15 references.
  • Abstract: A summary not exceeding 100 words. 

The journal is committed to excellence in research and scholarship in the field of medicine and health, emphasizing the importance of understanding diseases, their prevention, and treatment, as well as the investigation of physical and mental well-being.