Call for Paper on “Health Disparities among Minoritized Populations”


According to the National Institute of Minority Health Disparities (NIMHD) (2022), a health disparity can be conceptualized as a difference in health outcomes (e.g., rate of disease, prevalence, mortality, morbidity, etc.) that disproportionately affects members of disadvantaged groups when compared with the general population. Populations including racial and ethnic minorities (e.g., African Americans, Asians, American Indians, Alaska Natives, Hispanics, Native Hawaiians, and other Pacific Islanders), persons who are disadvantaged economically, underserved populations in rural communities, and sexual and gender minorities, all make up the health disparity populations (Alvidrez et al., 2019). Although much work has been dedicated to closing the health disparities gap, more laboring is needed as inequities have become not only a global public health problem (McCartney et al., 2019) but also have been handed down for centuries as a systemic and deep-rooted barrier to justful progress of mankind.


For these reasons, adult and higher education professionals, health educators, mental health professionals, healthcare providers, and community-based organization service providers can develop a more nuanced and sophisticated understanding of what it means for disenfranchised individuals to experience health inequities and to identify unique methods for addressing these disparities. Therefore, this special issue on “Health Disparities among Minoritized Populations” aims to expand the conversation on health disparities among minoritized populations in a global context. This volume will bring together researchers to offer a multidimensional research lens for understanding and addressing the complexities of health disparities and promoting health equity. 


We seek a variety of articles that: 

  • Contains current research, theoretical issues, and literature reviews relevant to global, historical, and multidisciplinary health disparities.
  • Offer thoughtful descriptions of innovative teaching, programming, and administration practices focused on global health disparities.
  • The articles may also include, but not limited to the following specific areas:
  • Selection of measurable indicators for monitoring health disparities in minoritized populations.
  • Case studies on detecting health disparities in certain minoritized populations across geographic, socio-economic, or demographic factors.
  • Theoretical models of studies on health disparities in minoritized populations
  • Intervention models for alleviation or elimination of health disparities in minoritized populations.


Proposal Submission Guidelines:

Please email your proposal to the guest editors with the paper’s title, author(s), and abstract (within 200 words). Please include the author’s affiliation and contact information in the proposal. After receiving your proposal, the guest editors will review the submission for appropriateness. The selection criteria will involve relevance to the theme, paper clarity, intellectual significance, and originality. After review, the guest editors will notify the author(s) of the decision. If the proposal is approved, the full details and instructions will be provided to the authors and the full manuscript should be submitted to the journal system as a .doc file by the deadline.


Important Dates:

Proposal submission (email to the guest editors)

December 15, 2023

Decision date

January 15, 2024

Full manuscript of the accepted proposal submission

June 15, 2024


December 15, 2024


Please direct inquiries to the guest editors below:

Mattyna L. Stephens, PhD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Department of Educational Administration and Human Resource Development

School of Education and Human Development

Texas A&M University



Joyvina K. Evans, PhD, MSPH, MSA

Assistant Professor
Department of Health Management 

College of Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

Howard University





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Institute on Minority Health and Health Disparities research framework. American Journal of Public Health, 109(S1), 16-20.  

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National Institute of Health Disparities. (2022, February 21). Understanding health disparities.