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  • Karen Johnson South Suburban College (Chicago)
  • Lisa Wells Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia



According to Study Destination USA's website, The Ultimate International Student Dictionary for International Students Studying in the USA was created to give transferring international students help with the unique terminology used in universities and colleges in the United States. From experience, the staff at Study Destination USA understands the challenges future or current international students will experience, such as adapting to a new academic culture to understanding the nuances of the university language.

Author Biographies

Karen Johnson, South Suburban College (Chicago)

KAREN JOHNSON is the retired Dean of Economic and Workforce Development at South Suburban College (Chicago) and mentors doctoral students at the University of Phoenix. Dr. Johson has coached many second language learners through their higher education careers. 

Lisa Wells, Princess Nora University in Saudi Arabia

LISA WELLS is a 20 plus year Academic Writing Instructor, currently
holding the position of Director of the Writing Studio at Princess Nora
University in Saudi Arabia.




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Johnson, K., & Wells, L. (2016). International Students Dictionary. Journal of International Students, 6(1), 325–328.



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