The Cultural Elements of Academic Honesty


  • LaNette W. Thompson Baylor University
  • Janet H. Bagby Baylor University
  • Tracey N. Sulak Baylor University
  • Janet Sheets Baylor University
  • Tonya i M. Trepinski Texas A&M International University



Asian international students, graduate students, academic honesty workshop


We examined the impact of a workshop on Asian international graduate students’ understanding of a U. S. American university’s concept of academic honesty. The workshop, taught from a cultural perspective, explained the U.S. American university’s expectations to 19 participants. Data was obtained from a workshop post-test and from subsequent interviews of three workshop participants who relayed their views of textual practices in their home countries. Sixty-seven graduate students from the general graduate student population completed the workshop post-test without benefit of the workshop. Trends in the data supported the workshop’s effectiveness and pointed to the importance of helping international students understand their host university’s expectations.

Author Biographies

LaNette W. Thompson, Baylor University

LANETTE W. THOMPSON, PhD, is the Assistant Director for Student Life Assessment and Planning at Baylor University. Her research interests include assessment, adult learning, and intercultural communication. 

Janet H. Bagby, Baylor University

JANET H. BAGBY, PhD, is a Senior Lecturer for the Educational Psychology Department at Baylor University. Besides teaching, she mentors students and researches non-traditional students’ effective transitions to academia. 

Tracey N. Sulak, Baylor University

TRACEY N. SULAK, PhD, is a Clinical Assistant Professor in educational psychology at Baylor University. Her research and teaching interests include school climate and teacher education. 

Janet Sheets, Baylor University

JANET SHEETS, MLS, is an Associate Professor Emerita from the Baylor University Libraries where she was the Liaison Librarian for the School of Education.

Tonya i M. Trepinski, Texas A&M International University

TONYA M. TREPINSKI, PhD, is an adjunct professor at Texas A & M International University. She teaches special education and behavior analysis courses. She also works as a college adviser at a private school.




How to Cite

Thompson, L. W., Bagby, J. H., Sulak, T. N., Sheets, J., & Trepinski, T. i M. (2017). The Cultural Elements of Academic Honesty. Journal of International Students, 7(1), 136–153.



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