Working with Uncertainty


  • Shyam Sharma State University of New York at Stony Brook




A reflection on the crises and the uncertainties of our times should lead scholars to realize that uncertainty is a part and parcel of educating and learning, of knowledge-making and application–of our role in society. It is our job to figure things out, to grapple with uncertainty. It is our responsibility to prepare future generations to navigate uncertainty, or navigate the world in the face of uncertainty. It is in the very nature of knowing and sharing knowledge to deal with uncertainty, to entertain ambiguity, to explore possibilities, to be open minded. Asking questions, posing hypotheses, engaging diverse perspectives, even tolerating contradictions–these are all tools of our trade. It is also part of our profession to do what we can when we do not know about every aspect of a situation, to contribute our bit even when we know it means little, and to hold judgment when we seem to be right.


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Author Biography

Shyam Sharma, State University of New York at Stony Brook

Dr. Shyam Sharma, Associate Professor of Writing and Rhetoric at State University of New York, Stony Brook, studied and then taught English in schools, colleges, and eventually the Central Department of English in Tribhuvan University (where he had received the Nepal Vidya Bhusan Award in the year 2000)​. Recipient of the Cross Award for Future Leaders of Higher Education from the Association of American Colleges and Universities in 2012, Dr. Sharma has published his research and scholarship in a variety of venues, specializing in writing in the academic disciplines, professional writing and communication, international education and students, cross-cultural issues in higher education, and new media and online education. While being abroad, he has edited a journal published from Nepal, initiated professional development activities for fellow teachers and scholars at Midwestern University and currently for Tribhuvan University and Kathmandu Model College, been writing a column on higher education for the Republica, and done research and publication about Nepal’s higher education.




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