Call for Submissions


Higher Education Politics & Economics (HEPE) invites the submission of manuscripts that critically examine the nexus of social, political, and economic forces shaping higher education in the US and worldwide (Print ISSN 2577-7270 & Online ISSN 2577-7289). The journal publishes:

  • Research Papers
  • Review Articles
  • Opinion Pieces
  • Graduate Research in Progress

The journal contributes new insights into current issues of interest to academics, institutional leaders, policymakers and the public, exploring complex political and economic issues shaping national, state, and institutional contexts. We welcome submissions on topics such as:

  • Social mobility
  • Food insecurity and homelessness
  • Federal and state immigration policy
  • Campus free speech and student protests
  • Financial aid policy
  • Free college plans
  • Income inequality and stratification
  • Performance-based funding
  • Campus safety and sexual assault
  • Dual enrollment
  • Economic and workforce development

We encourage submissions from US and international authors that use a wide array of research designs and methods, from quantitative to qualitative and mixed-methods, and from cross-sectional to experimental and longitudinal.

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