2022: International Student Mobility to and from the Middle East: Theorizing Public, Institutional, and Self-Constructions of Cross-Border Students

This book is intended as a contribution to understanding how educational policies and
priorities travel, or don’t, how ‘internationalisation’ discourses either reflect or obscure local
priorities and realities, and on a deeper level how ‘the global’ impacts on the particular and
vice versa. To do this it presents diverse accounts of ‘international’ higher education policy
in and around the Middle East and Arab World, with a focus on how ‘internationalised’
students are constructed – by policy, by other students and by themselves. These accounts,
while thoroughly contextualised in local terms, gain extra significance for our understandings
of regionalism and regionalisation when considered, critically, together.

Edited by Aneta Hayes and Sally Findlow (Routeldge, 2022)

Published: 2021-10-05