International Student Experiences and Graduate Employability

Perspectives and Issues


  • Xin Zhao
  • Michael Kung
  • Krishna Bista
  • Yingyi Ma


higher education, employablity, international students, study abroad, internationalizaiton


This chapter offers literature on international student experiences and their graduate employability in higher education as well as an overview of the book. It also highlights the socio-political environment that impacts international students’ employability and provides a holistic understanding of international student employability on a global scale, incorporating various higher education contexts, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Vietnam, and Japan. 

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Zhao, X., Kung, M., Bista, K., & Ma, Y. (2022). International student experiences and graduate employability: Perspectives and issues. In X. Zhao, M. Kung, K. Bista, & Y. Ma (eds), Home and abroad: International student experiences and graduate employability (pp. 1-14). STAR Scholars. [order hardcopy ]


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Author Biographies

Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao (Skye) is a university teacher at the Information School of the University of Sheffield and a senior fellow of HEA. Her areas of interests include internationalization, digital pedagogy, and cross-cultural communication. Dr. Zhao also delivers staff training courses at national and international conferences and staff development weeks at Linnaeus University, the University of Zadar, and Central China Normal University. Among her many roles, Dr. Zhao is currently Employability Officer at the Information School and is actively engaged in activities for student employability development. E-mail: 

Michael Kung

Michael Kung is Director of Global Education and the Program Director for the Sustainable Design Master’s program at the College of Design, Construction and Planning at the University of Florida. His research interests include international education and culture and educational technology, as well as sustainability and historic preservation. Dr. Kung has published and presented in North America and Asia and also serves as a guest reviewer for multiple international journals. E-mail: 

Krishna Bista

Krishna Bista is a Professor of Higher Education in the Department of Advanced Studies, Leadership and Policy at Morgan State University, Maryland. Dr Bista is the Founding Editor of Journal of International Students. His research interests include comparative and international higher education issues, global student mobility, and innovative technology in teaching and learning. His recent books include Online Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (Routledge, w/Chan and Allen), Global Perspectives on International Student Experiences (Routledge), Higher Education in Nepal (Routledge, w/Raby and Sharma), Rethinking Education Across Border (Springer, w/Gaulee & Sharma), and Inequalities in Study and Student Mobility (Routledge, w/Kommers). E-mail: 

Yingyi Ma

Yingyi Ma is a Professor of Sociology and Director of Asian/Asian American studies at Syracuse University, New York. She is the Provost Faculty Fellow, focused on internationalization where she leads and supports culturally responsive pedagogy and programs for international education and partnership. She received a Ph.D. in sociology from Johns Hopkins University in 2007. She is the author of her recent book, Ambitious and Anxious: How Chinese College Students Succeed and Struggle in American Higher Education (Columbia University Press). E-mail:



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