Enhancing the Impact of International Student Mobility on Students’ Employability


  • Christophe Van Puymbroeck Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences
  • Cheryl Gerretsen Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences
  • Jessica Shinnick Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences


This study aims to explore the impact of an Internationalization at Home program prior to the stay abroad on the extent to which students develop intercultural competences during their year abroad. Being capable of behaving appropriately and effectively in a complex global context is an invaluable transferrable skill that enhances graduates’ employability.  We found that the year abroad had a significant impact on the extent to which students developed their intercultural competences, but only when they had taken an IaH program prior to their year abroad. Our research, therefore, suggests that an IaH program operates as a moderator that affects the impact of the year abroad on the development of graduates’ intercultural competence development.

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Puymbroeck, C. V., Gerretsen, C., & Shinnick, J. (2022). Understanding the impact of international student mobility on students’ employability through internationalization at home curriculum. In X. Zhao, M. Kung, K. Bista, & Y. Ma (eds), Home and abroad: International student experiences and graduate employability (pp. 95-108). STAR Scholars.

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Author Biographies

Christophe Van Puymbroeck, Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences

Christophe Van Puymbroeck works as associate professor at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. His research predominantly focuses on the development of intercultural competences in undergraduate students and on the integration of intercultural competency acquisition in university curricula. Furthermore, his research interest also lies in the determinants of successful entrepreneurship within urban contexts and the specific role of diversity in this. Email: c.van.puymbroeck@hr.nl 

Cheryl Gerretsen, Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences

Cheryl Gerretsen is a leading lecturer and researcher at the international business school of Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences. She is a trainer and researcher in the area of international classroom pedagogy, diversity, inclusion and intercultural competence for both students and lecturers. Additionally, she is an expert in development of lesson content in these areas. E-mail: e.s.j.gerretsen@hr.nl 

Jessica Shinnick, Rotterdam University for Applied Sciences

Jessica Shinnick is an internationalization advisor at the Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences. Her tasks include providing training in cultural sensitivity and intercultural competence for staff and students, as well as supporting lecturers in the integration of international/intercultural dimensions into their program curricula. Additionally, she is involved in university wide initiatives related to diversity and inclusion. E-mail: j.h.shinnick@hr.nl