From International Students to Global Human Resources

Can Policies be the Matchmaker for Japan’s Future?



In light of Japan’s dwindling population and increasingly globalized economy, the last two decades of higher education internationalization policies highlight international students for their potential contribution to Japan, underpinned by the hope to revitalize Japanese society and its economy through the development of guroburu jinzai (global human resources). This chapter aims to make contributions on international students and their subsequent careers in the host country. The chapter draws upon literature and policies related to international students and employability in Japan. A multidimensional evaluation from various stakeholders (international students, universities, employers, and government) allows for a holistic understanding of the situation and how contextual realities may promote or inhibit employment of international students in Japan post-graduation. 

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Asada, S., & Ryu, J. H. (2022). From international students to global human resources: Can policies be the matchmaker for Japan’s future? In X. Zhao, M. Kung, K. Bista, & Y. Ma (eds), Home and abroad: International student experiences and graduate employability (pp. 31-46). STAR Scholars.

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Author Biographies

Sarah Asada, Kyoritsu Women's University

Sarah R. Asada is Associate Professor at the Faculty of International Studies, Kyoritsu Women’s University and a visiting research fellow at Waseda University in Tokyo, Japan. She received her M.A. in International Relations and Ph.D. in International Studies with a focus on Comparative and International Education from Waseda University. Her research interests encompasses comparative higher education, international student and scholar mobility, and the sociocultural context of education. Dr. Asada has contributed to research projects with the Japan International Cooperation Agency Research Institute (JICA-RI) and for UNESCO’s 2019 Global Education Monitoring Report. Her book, 50 Years of US Study Abroad Students: Japan as a Gateway to Asia and Beyond (Routledge),is the recipient of the 2020 Best Book Award from the Comparative and International Education Society (CIES) Study Abroad and International Student (SAIS) Special Interest Group. E-mail: asada. 

Jung Hyun Ryu

Jung Hyun Ryu is an expert affiliated with Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA). She earned her Master’s Degree in International Relations and her Ph.D. in International Studies from the  Graduate School of Asia Pacific Studies at Waseda University, Tokyo, with her research focusing on policies and international cooperation in higher education. Dr. Ryu is currently based at Vietnam Japan University, Vietnam National University-Hanoi, where she has developed and managed the Master’s Program in Global Leadership. In addition to her role educating Master’s students and developing a new curriculum, Dr. Ryu continues her research into various aspects of international higher education. She is working with the JICA-Research Institute to investigate the impact of study abroad experiences on faculty members’ careers in Vietnam. E-mail:



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