Coming Home

Internationally-Trained Vietnamese English Language Teachers' Perceived Employability



employablity, internationalizaiton, international students,, returning graduates, Vietnam, international education


Having insights into returning graduates' employability in their home country has become critical given that a majority of international graduates choose to head home after their overseas study. However, there is a paucity of the positioning and re-positioning of international graduates in their home labour market, especially those who work as English teachers. To address this critical gap, this study interviewed eight Vietnamese English teachers who used to sojourn for their further education at the Masters or PhD levels outside Vietnam. The findings show that although the returnee teachers experienced some barriers and constraints, they successfully navigated the domestic labour market to adapt and advance their career development. This study brings more insights into international graduate employability in Vietnam, which has experienced a marked shift in the labour market. Important implications are provided for returnees and home employers to facilitate returnees’ re-integration to the local market.

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Pham, L. T. T, & Phan, A. N. Q. (2022). Coming Home: Internationally-trained Vietnamese English language teachers’ perceived employability. In X. Zhao, M. Kung, K. Bista, & Y. Ma (eds), Home and abroad: International student experiences and graduate employability (pp. 123-144). STAR Scholars.

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Author Biographies

Linh Pham, University of Languages and International Studies, Vietnam

Linh Thi Thuy Pham is an English lecturer in the Faculty of English Language Teacher Education (FELTE), University of Languages and International Studies (ULIS, VNU) since 2011. She is teaching English skills and research methodology courses at her university for students as prospective English teachers in Vietnam. Her research interests are: teacher education, research development, and educational psychology. E-mail: 

Anh Phan, The University of Auckland, New Zealand

Anh Ngoc Quynh Phan is a PhD candidate in Education at The University of Auckland, New Zealand. Her research interests focus on transnationalism, migration, mobility, diaspora, identity, doctoral education, teacher education, and researcher development. She is familiar with various qualitative methodologies, such as narrative inquiry, critical autoethnography, collaborative autoethnography, and poetic inquiry. 




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Pham, L., & Phan, A. (2022). Coming Home: Internationally-Trained Vietnamese English Language Teachers’ Perceived Employability . STAR Scholar Books, 123–144. Retrieved from