Financial Ramifications of Coronavirus on Division I Athletic Departments


  • Molly Harry


In the spring of 2020, safety and health concerns with COVID-19 shut down college sports. Most notably, the National Collegiate Athletic Association’s basketball tournament, better known as March Madness, was canceled, costing the Association and its member institutions almost $1 billion. A common misconception concerning intercollegiate athletics is that most athletic departments generate revenue for their institutions. However, less than 30 of the 347 Division I athletic departments operate in the black. Thus, this loss of revenue has resulted in unprecedented financial issues and considerations, such as cutting sports, furloughing staff, and offering fewer support resources for athletes. Through the lens of resource dependence theory, this chapter offers a synthesis of the available literature and examines the financial ramifications of the coronavirus on Division I athletic department operations.

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Harry, M. (2022). Financial ramifications of coronavirus on division I athletic departments. In  R. Ammigan, R. Y. Chan, & K. Bista, (eds), COVID-19 and higher education in the global context: Exploring contemporary issues and challenges (pp. 51-64). STAR Scholars.


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Molly Harry

Molly Harry, M.A., is a doctoral candidate at the University of Virginia in the School of Education and Human Development. Her research interests include education through athletics participation, academic reform for college athletics, the college athlete experience, and the collegiate sports business model. Email:




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