Experiences of Black African Faculty at American Higher Education Institutions: Issues, Concerns, and Strategies


  • Dr. Susan Boafo-Arthur Goodwin University
  • Dr. Linda Tsevi University of Ghana


International faculty are foreign-born instructors and educational professionals who are primarily employed in the American higher educational system. The number of International faculty in American higher education institutions has been on the rise for over two decades as result of changes in American immigration laws. These faculty members make immense contributions to their campuses via the internationalization of their respective campuses. Like every other sector, there are also challenges that accompany their roles. This chapter highlights the experiences of Black African international faculty in the United States with particular emphasis on their workplace experiences, promotion and tenure, and contributions to their respective institutions. Challenges and concerns faced are also explored along with strategies to mitigate some of the main issues faced by this population.


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Author Biographies

Dr. Susan Boafo-Arthur, Goodwin University

Susan Boafo-Arthur graduated with a PhD from the Department of Counseling and Educational Psychology, Mississippi State University, in 2014. Currently, she is an Assistant Professor in the Human Services Department of the School of Applied Liberal Arts and Social Sciences at Goodwin University, CT. Her research interests are in the area of acculturation and transition issues with particular emphasis on the experiences of Black African nationals in the diaspora. Email: sboafo-arthur@goodwin.edu

Dr. Linda Tsevi, University of Ghana

Linda Tsevi graduated with a PhD from the Department of Educational Administration and Policy Studies, State University of New York at Albany in 2015.  Currently, Linda Tsevi is a Senior Lecturer at the Department of Adult Education and Human Resource Studies, and Coordinator of the Koforidua Learning Centre, School of Continuing and Distance Education, College of Education. Linda Tsevi left Ghana in July 2007 on Fulbright Scholarship to pursue a Master’s in Higher Education Administration at the University of Kansas, Lawrence. In August 2009, she proceeded to State University of New York at Albany to pursue a PhD in Educational Administration and Policy Studies. After being away from Ghana for close to nine years, Linda returned in July 2016 and is currently in the employment of University of Ghana. Her research interests include quality assurance in private higher education, partnerships among higher education institutions, faculty issues, student engagement and international student issues. Email: ltsevi@ug.edu.gh



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