Global Collaboration for Global Solution in Academia

Opportunities and Challenges


  • Ekaterina Minaeva
  • Giorgio Marinoni International Association of Universities


The COVID-19 pandemic has created health, economic, and social crises globally and the rapid spread of the virus has hit the higher education sector hard with disrupting traditional academic programs and campus life. As Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) grapple with these unprecedented challenges, they must realize that they can play a major role in finding and implementing solutions given their expertise in different fields and scientific capacity. International collaboration between governments, non-governmental organizations, business and other societal actors can be one of those strategies to consider. As such, this chapter investigates opportunities and challenges for global collaborations between HEIs and various stakeholders. We argue whether the COVID-19 situation will serve as an impetus for triggering innovative and sustainable global collaborations as a global solution.

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Minaeva, E., & Marinoni, G. (2022). Global collaboration for global solution in academia opportunities and challenges. In  R. Ammigan, R. Y. Chan, & K. Bista, (eds), COVID-19 and higher education in the global context: Exploring contemporary issues and challenges (pp. 172-184). STAR Scholars.


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Author Biographies

Ekaterina Minaeva

Ekaterina Minaeva is an analyst at the Institute of Education, Higher School of Economics, Russia. Her research interests include international student experiences, international education policy, and digital internationalization. She is a coordinator of the Observatory of Higher Education Transformations, which aims to analyze the research trends in higher education worldwide and includes the education leading research centers from around the globe. Before her current position, Ekaterina worked at the International Association of Universities and still keeps collaboration with IAU on selected projects. Email:

Giorgio Marinoni, International Association of Universities

Giorgio Marinoni has been Manager of Higher Education and Internationalization at the International Association of Universities (IAU), since February 2015. He oversees Internationalization as one of the four strategic priorities of the Association. Among his responsibilities at IAU are research projects, the coordination of the ISAS (2.0) programme of advisory services for advancing internationalization, and external representation of the Association in internationalization. He has recently published the report of the 5th Global Survey on Internationalization of Higher Education. In addition, he is the coordinator of the Network of International Education Associations, NIEA. Email:




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