Perspectives and Experience in International Education: Insights from Veteran Educators


Call for Submissions:

We invite international educators who have served the field to contribute to a book that will feature a collection of anecdotes and thoughts about their experiences. As the world navigates a different landscape after the pandemic, we believe that it is crucial to hear from veteran leaders in international education who have seen the field grow, flourish, and overcome challenges.

In this book, we aim to provide a resource for those unfamiliar with international education and a roadmap to move the profession forward. We plan to ask 15-20 individuals to be contributors to this project. The timeline for submissions and publication is as follows:

July 14: Submission deadline

August 21: Review of submissions

September 15: Submit text to STAR Scholars Network for review/vetting

For questions and submissions, please contact: Thomas V. Millington, Founder and Executive Director of Abroadia, at