Call for chapters- The International Handbook of French Education


This edited collection brings together the voices of French educators, supporters, students, educational leaders, and other stakeholders from around the globe to share their perspectives on the current value and future benefits of the teaching and learning of the French language and Francophone culture. French has been internationally prominent as a language of diplomacy, politics, cultural study, and education for centuries in many countries around the world. In contemporary times, millions if not billions of individuals speak French fluently as a first, second, third or other language. It also functions as a lingua franca for millions of individuals. Dually, there exists a plethora of K-12 French immersion schools and numerous colleges and universities that offer French courses at the undergraduate and graduate levels around the globe. 

Possible topics of interest include but are not limited to (full proposal here):

  • Curriculum development and course design in French education
  • Diversity, Equity, Inclusion, and/or Social Justice in leadership, teaching, and/or curriculum in French programs
  • Innovation in the teaching of French 
  • Leadership approaches to French program design and development
  • Nurturing and developing political and community relationships and support of the French language 
  • Professional Organizations, Community Groups, and Social Clubs that focus on French
  • Educational language policy evaluation and ethics in relation to the teaching of French
  • Recruitment and retention of French educators 
  • Study abroad & semesters abroad in French-speaking territories
  • Teacher recruitment and retention in French
  • French teacher preparation and training 
  • The historical development of the field of French education
  • Unique issues and approaches to traditional and immersion k-12, undergraduate, or graduate French programs
  • Technology in French education 

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