The peer-review process is rigorous, and our commissioning editors aim to establish an early collaborative relationship with you so we can be supportive throughout. We consider book proposals reviewed/suggested by one of the following Book Editorial Board Members which later will go through the peer-review process and if accepted it will publish in both ebooks and hard copies. Each book proposal will be reviewed by at least three reviewers and one or two assigned editors. You may contact any editorial board member for ideas/suggestions while preparing your book proposal. Usually, it takes 4-6 weeks to complete the review process. 

Book Editorial Board Members 

  1. Mousumi Mukherjee, OP Jindal Global University, 
  2. Ly Tran, Deakin University 
  3. Mingsheng Li, Massey University
  4. Aneta Hayes Keele University, 
  5. Mei Tian, Xi'an Jiaotong University, 
  6. Kun Dai, Chinese University of Hong Kong 
  7. Ravi Ammigan, University of Delaware, 
  8. Tasmeera Singh, University of Kwazulu-Nata 
  9. Eva Janebova Masaryk,  University Brno, 
  10. Elizabeth Buckner University of Toronto, 
  11. Susan Boafo-Arthur, University of Ghana, 
  12. Mary Eppolite, Mahidol University 
  13. David Green, Meijo University 
  14. Mónica Irene Camacho Lizárraga, Gobienro De Mexico,
  15. Benny Lim, Chinese University of Hong Kong,
  16. Samuel Adeyemo University of Pretoria,  
  17. Maya Fenty, Case Western Reserve University,
  18. Darla Deardorff, Duke University,  
  19. Amany Saleh, Arkansas State University,