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The STAR Scholars Book Series seeks to explore new ideas and best practices related to international student mobility, study abroad, exchange programs, student affairs from the US and around the world, and from a wide range of academic fields, including student affairs, international education, and cultural studies.

How to submit a proposal for a new book or a chapter?

Scholars interested in contributing a chapter to a book in our current and future book series or sending us a new book proposal are invited to submit a brief proposal directly via this form or directly to the title editors (not the series editors). All selected proposals will be invited to write full chapters by the editors. All chapters will go through the standard review process before a decision is made.

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Current Issue

2021: Delinking, Relinking, and Linking Writing and Rhetorics
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In this book, Limbu precisely aims to trace the development of Himalayan Indigenous writing and rhetorics by offering concise methods and/or approaches, such as how to research and digitally document less explored, taught and even less discussed language/s, writing, performative rhetorics, and oral-performance-based rhetorics

You can download an e-book and hard copies directly from Amazon and other online vendors. 

Published: 2021-03-01
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