Putin’s War: Supporting International Students During Global Crises


  • Abu Arif Memorial University
  • Juanita Hennessey Memorial University
  • Sonja Knutson Memorial University
  • Lynn Walsh Memorial University




At a moment when the members of education communities around the world are working to find a way to live with COVID-19, internationalization of higher education (IHE) communities have also been challenged by Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to wage a war against Ukraine. When it is expected from international educators to reimagine international education in a way that is equitable and inclusive (de Wit & Jones, 2018), anti-racist (Buckner et al. 2021), anti-colonial (Beck & Pidgeon, 2020), and sustainable (Shields, 2019), Mr. Putin’s war is unnecessarily taking IHE communities away from these critical conversations. This situation forces international educators to think about a) what will be the world order due to this invasion, and b) how IHE communities will adjust to the new global political realities? In Canada, we are also thinking about how we best show up for international students from Ukraine and Russia, and what are the ways we can support refugees who are being deprived of a post-secondary education due to Putin’s invasion. 


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Arif, A., Hennessey, J., Knutson, S., & Walsh, L. (2022). Putin’s War: Supporting International Students During Global Crises. Critical Internationalization Studies Review, 2(1), 45–48. https://doi.org/10.32674/cisr.v2i1.5362



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