Persisting, Coping, and Advocating: Online Trauma of Latina Bilingual Pre-service Teachers


  • Lucy Arellano Texas Tech University
  • Ana K. Soltero López California State University, Fresno
  • Delia Carrizales Texas Tech University
  • Brandy Piña-Watson Texas Tech University



Latina, online trauma, teacher education, bilingual certification, pre-service teachers, higher education, COVID-19


This study examines the online traumatic experiences of bilingual Latina pre-service teachers. Tasked with developing content for their students, while also being students themselves, positions them in a very particular and stressful situation imbued with multiple forms of trauma. This qualitative study considers the lived experiences of eight bilingual pre-service teachers in California and Texas. Utilizing narrative inquiry, from a grounded theory perspective, this study examines how Latina pre-service teachers worked through the online challenges of the pandemic and other traumas such as isolation, lack of academic engagement, vicarious trauma, and sense of powerlessness. Despite these challenges, participants were able to persevere in empowering ways and advocate for their students. Findings suggest the need for  reimagining teacher education programs addressing the challenges faced by future teachers as they navigate the online space in their dual roles of both student and educator. Implications for practice, policy, and research are presented.


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Arellano, L., Soltero López, A. K., Carrizales, D., & Piña-Watson, B. (2024). Persisting, Coping, and Advocating: Online Trauma of Latina Bilingual Pre-service Teachers. Journal of Trauma Studies in Education, 3(1), 78–95.



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